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Petition Against the Wal-Mart Expansion
As a resident of Milpitas, I urge the City of Milpitas to vote NO on the expansion of the existing Wal-Mart located at 301 Ranch Drive. The expansion of the Milpitas Wal-Mart threatens the local existing businesses and will increase crime and traffic congestion. I hereby endorse my opposition to the development and authorize the use of my name in support of the efforts to protect the character, safety, and environment of our town.

Full Name  _________________________________________
Milpitas, CA  ZIP______________
Email Address_________________________________


One response to “Petition

  1. Erik D. Kaeding

    439 Camille Cir. #14
    San José, CA 95134

    (North San José resident living within the “market area” of the Milpitas Walmart)

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