Guest: Art Balangue with his perspective

photo of art

Art, in front of Save Mart

My name is Art Balangue. I work at the Save Mart in Calaveras Plaza center.

My 52 co-workers and I are worried. If the Planning Commission and City Council let Wal-Mart sell groceries, we could lose our jobs.

At Save Mart, I can earn a fair living. I’m not rich, but I can afford the things we all want for our families and ourselves.

If my store closes, I can’t go work at Wal-Mart. Those jobs are part-time.  Hours vary week to week and almost never add up to 40 hours per week. Plus, Wal-Mart pay much less than what I make now; certainly not enough to support a family.  Plus, they offer no benefits.

Given these facts, what would do? Would you trade your job to work for less money per hour, fewer hours, and no health insurance?

Help me and my co-workers keep the jobs we have. Say no to the Wal-Mart expansion.


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One response to “Guest: Art Balangue with his perspective

  1. I agree with you, I feel Milpitas paid walmart alot in concessions to open here and we will paying for it for a long time.
    Shop Milpitas( not walmart)

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